Specialist doctors


  • Edyta Witczak, dentist
  • Dentist Marta Niszczak
  • Dentist Katarzyna Szablewska-Siebert
  • Dentist Barbara Czerniak-Charko
  • Dentist Paulina Baranowska-Musialik
  • Mariusz Sobczak, dentist
  • Dentist Mykhailo Golyński
  • Magdalena Bosak-Prus, MD, PhD





  • MSc. Albert Służewski
  • MSc. Ewelina Wojciechowska
  • MSc. Dominika Jakubowska




  • Orthodontic
  • Dental Surgical
  • Hygienization
  • Osteopathic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Endocrine
  • Dietary
  • Speech therapy


X-ray laboratory - we take pictures

  • Intraoral
  • cephalometric
  • panoramic


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See you in EdiDent

If you are interesdted in contact reception

Cabinets adapted for medical activities and activities related to it

The offices are located in the EdiDent medical complex in the center of the Old Town vis a via Polo Market with a large parking lot

• office 18 m2

The center is prepared to serve people with disabilities. There is a waiting room for about 10 people, a bathroom adapted for the disabled and a social room.

We enable various forms of rental. Rent for an office for months, days or hours.

We invite you to cooperate :)

In our EDI DENT Medical Center we have rooms for rent


See where and how we work :)


For photos, please contact us by phone or in person at the facility

We take X-ray images


  • panoramic
  • cephalometric
  • intraoral


on one of the most reputable devices, both for our patients and and referral patients.

Dentist Mariusz Sobczak

Dentist Paulina Baranowska-Musialik





personel medyczny Weronika

personel medyczny Iza

X-ray laboratory

Meet our specialists and staff

Dentist Marta Niszczak

Dentist Mychajło Gołyński

D entist Katarzyna Szablewska-Siebert

Dentist Edyta Witczak



personel medyczny Iza

MSc. Albert Służewski

Magdalena Bosak-Prus, MD, PhD



lekarz dentysta Barbara Czerniak-Charko 

Dentist Barbara Czerniak-Charko 

personel medyczny Marta



You will find us here


Services provided



  • orthodontics
  • surgery
  • implantology
  • aesthetic dentistry
  • dentistry treatment of short-circuit disorders
  • pediatric dentistry
  • prevention
  • ndodontics
  • prosthetics
  • gum disease treatment



Osteopathic medicine has been used in diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis all over the world for 140 years. The osteopath, using his extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the human body, uses appropriate manual therapy techniques to eliminate the causes of the disease, and not just its symptoms.


Pediatric endocrinology


pediatric diabetes







X-ray laboratory


- Pantomographic photos

- Cephalometric images

- Intraoral photos


The direction of health


- what to do not to get sick

- what to do to heal





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Medical Center EDI DENT

It is located in the center of the Stare Miasto commune visa via Polo Market

street Olchowa 3

62-571 Stare Miasto

st. Alder 3

62-571 Old Town





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EDI DENT Medical Center

is located in the center of the Stare Miasto commune at 3 Olchowa Street. The Medical Center is one of the most modern dental facilities in the region. We managed to create a facility from scratch and equip it perfectly. The facility run by a top-class team offers patients the highest quality of dental services. We want to direct our help to demanding patients, interested in the latest medical technologies, specialized service and looking for a clinic with a friendly atmosphere (a clinic different from all), patients who put great emphasis on a healthy and beautiful smile. We work with a team of highly qualified specialists and dental prosthodontists who take part in the mission of maintaining a healthy and beautiful oral cavity. In our center, we develop other fields of medical science that allow us to restore the state of balance for the human body.


Godziny otwarcia

Telephone registration

            504 260 270

                             Mon-Fri 8:00-19:00

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1 opinion 3 months ago We are very pleased with the care at the clinic, both Dr. Edyta and the other staff approach the patient professionally, we use orthodontic and dental services. The child's teeth straighten beautifully, cooperation with Dr. Paulinka, who has angelic patience with children, is pleasant and fearless. I heartily recommend. I like Owner's reply3 months ago Miss Anna. The EdiDent team thanks you for bestowing the maximum number of gold stars. WE also wish you a STARRY day!
1 opinion 3 months ago I recommend EdiDent dental office. Professional and friendly service. I am a patient of Dr. Marta Niszczak. Very helpful and nice ladies hygienists 🙂 I like Owner's reply2 months ago Edi Dent team thank you for your feedback and wish you a great day



Radiology lab